It took me three hours and almost 20 tries, but The Debuginator ( … ) now builds on Linux/Clang with full warnings as errors. :)

How did I miss this? Been writing natvis definitions by painful trial-and-error and cursing over that you don't get any feedback when there's an error...

@sinbad We're about to start adding normal maps in a month or two. Does Sprite Illumimator work well for you? Have you tried Sprite Lamp or any other tools?

Anyone got any good game design articles/references for making a Metroidvania? Thinking of starting to make one in my spare time :)

@aras Down time?!? My sense of entitlement for this thing I've had access to for less than 15 hours is making me rage!!

@borb I quite like Löve, though it's been a while since I did anything with it. I like the freedom of it, your code sits "on top" of it as opposed to under it, like with Unity or Godot.

@asmodai There's the federated timeline, seems like that's good for finding people. :)

@das There's a setting in case you like your autoplaying gifs. :)

@jon_valdes That sounds like a decent solution. :)

I don't particularly mind posts about politics, memes and cat gifs but sometimes I'd like to filter out the nongamedevstuff.

Also the unstyled scrollbars really stand out... and not in a good way! :D

Having mastodon on a portrait monitor, I''m not sure about the layout. A bit cramped. Would prefer, I think, to have this part where I enter new text on the top, like Twitter.

@aras So, not being familiar with mastodon, is this instance more about general people talking only about game development, or about only game developers talking about anything? :) I'm assuming somewhere in the middle, more the towards the latter.

I suppose I can start out here by posting my new single-header-library: The Entitytainer :)

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