vive motion controls outside VR, pt. 1 

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I wonder how many game developers have considered making games that use VR setups... WITHOUT the headset.
The wii was a HUGE hit with its motion controls, and the standard Wiimote had REALLY terrible tracking. Even with the Motion Plus controllers/attachments, most (if not all) VR controllers STILL have better tracking than those.

vive motion controls outside VR, pt. 2 

Things get better if you're assuming a standard setup is going to become at least 2 controllers and 2 of those button-less trackers - you can stick a handle on one, and have TWO players playing at the same time (1 regular controller, 1 tracker each) with room-scale tracked controllers and NO WIRES, because all the wires are attached to the headset. You can get up to 4 players at once if they only control things with motion controls.

vive motion controls outside VR, pt. 3 

You could also do a lot of stuff with the trackers for single-player games; the trackers are accurate enough they SHOULD be able to emulate games like DDR and DanceRush and enable them to do cooler stuff. You can track left/right in DDR, and can pick ANY angle for buttons to be at instead of just the normal 2 horizontal, 2 vertical, and optional 2 or 4 diagonal for DDR-like game that use diagonals.


vive motion controls outside VR, pt. 4 

You can take that kind of game SO much further than it can ever go with the dedicated technology it currently has. Plenty of people who like DDR are already willing to play big bucks for a good dance pad... Could they be convinced to get most of a VR setup instead?

vive motion controls outside VR, pt. 5, the final part 

I don't understand why nobody wants to use the really cool motion control technology without ALSO using the really cool headset technology. It could appeal to people who can't afford a headset, or who can't afford a computer capable of rendering stuff to a headset, or who can't/won't use a headset because of motion sickness.

vive motion controls outside VR, pt. 6, i forgot somethign 

Of course, because nobody wants controllers without headsets, so the setup for controllers buying each part individually costs more than the same bundle of parts plus a headset. This would probably change if there was actually demand for that stuff alone.
(I was initially going to drop this part, but then I realized someone might call me out on the "people who can't afford a headset" bit because the rest of the setup is overpriced.)

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