It's been a while since I've posted here, hasn't it?
I'm working on a project for LOWREZJAM 2019, so I'm probably going to post about it here.

The basic idea is as follows:
1. A 64x64 grid (the full allowed resolution) of colored squares. The player can select a single row or column, and when they press a button, the entire line "switches." What exactly this means for each color varies: Red becomes blue, blue becomes yellow, yellow becomes red, white becomes black, black becomes white, etc


It's just a match-3 (or more, IDK how hard it'll be to get matches)
The direction blocks fall depends on whether a row or column was switched to make the match.
Blocks will never fall into space that wasn't occupied by the matched blocks.

New blocks arrive in the empty space nearest to the center of the board.

I might also add Yoshi's Cookie-style line-sliding for lines shorter than their neighbors, but I'm not sure.

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