the most inefficient way to render a pink square i've ever used... 64x64 grid of single-pixel pink sprites.

the blue/red bar is the highlight, it indicates which boxes you're going to change when you hit the change button! pink is my current "nothing here" color.

Cubic gravity works! It made me notice some issues with the camera, and I still need to find a solution to the whole going-into-orbit thing (It's not unique to the cubes, but it's more of a problem on them.) It's functional, though.

Hey! Wanted to apologize for being quiet lately. Here's a quick screenshot of something I've been working on: A cubic planet! One of the faces is still entirely flat and the others don't have much to do on them since there aren't any objects in the game for me to populate them with other than bumpers.
I'll get a video out once I have the cubic gravity code worked out (it's more complicated than you'd think! I'm taking a page out of Patterns's book. Practically the only good one it has, haha)

A difference like night and day. (My testing ground now has a flipped-gravity version below it. Also I have a skybox again.)

I have a new test map. (Don't tell Nintendo.) It's actually pretty fun to roll around all these slopes you're not meant to be able to travel up. Fun fact: if you roll a ball down the spiral path, the slight curve of the path isn't enough to keep it from just falling off at a corner.

New features since the last video:
1. Camera control! You can actually look around!
2. Camera lag! The camera now has a target position that changes rather than the camera just changing instantly, and it moves towards that. The further away it is, the faster it goes.
3. Gravity changers! The arrows change your gravity to the direction they point.

I've managed to achieve orbit by rolling too fast on a small planet. Whoops!

I'm going to switch it to flipping over the Z axis rather than X axis when told to flip completely, so you're looking at it from the same direction just upside-down.
I'm also going to make the camera simply move towards the intended position rather than instantly snap to it, so the transitions between gravities will be less jarring in the future.

It can do more than flip to upside-down, but this demo was easiest to show off.

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If you looked through all my toots you might be able to figure out what I'm actually working on, but I figure I ought to actually state it.
Currently I have three projects, but the only one I've worked on recently is a marble game similar to Marble Blast. I kinda don't have a plan for it right now other than "make the camera not be inside the ball all the time"
Here's a screenshot of how it currently looks. Dan is now the ball instead of the floor. How the tables have turned...

i needed a texture and i had a picture of dan avidan.
so now my test levels are gonna be built out of these

making my marble have no friction is quite entertaining to me and I can't tell you why

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