Hey y'all, my game Black Ice is on sale on Steam! It's a fast-paced FPS with Diablo-style loot, build your character how you want!

store.steampowered.com/app/311800 mastodon.gamedev.place/media/I

Fun - if you are using Unity Cloud Build (which is awesome), make sure you aren't using any third-party 3d model files, like .blend from Blender. They are not supported! Just export them to .fbx and you'll be fine.

Otherwise, you might as well not even have a sprint button. My players seem to just keep it activated and ignore it.

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Do you like it when FPS games give you a sprint button, but sprinting prevents you from firing your weapon? Seems like a fair tradeoff to me.

Anyone seen a Unity Cloud built version change a few things in your game? Mine seems to have a layers problem - the weapon models are invisible. No issues with the manually-compiled build.

I have an interesting UX problem. My game is an FPS, but I've also got an MMO-style hotbar. You can put any item in any slot, items can be guns or abilities like jump, teleport, etc.

I'm adding weapon models, and I want the player to be able to switch weapons and use one at a time. Should I bother preserving the One Item, One Button simplicity? Or have left lick/RT be a dedicated fire weapon button?

Incidentally, I'm really working hard to get some new stuff into the game for this. Last night, I overhauled my recoil system, and tonight I'll be working on animations for sniper rifles.

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Austin people - come see my game and me at Game On, which is a free event showcasing games made in Austin at the Bob Bullock museum this Thursday! meetup.com/unity3daustin/event

Here's a gif of my game, Black Ice! It's got a bunch of ridiculous weapons, like this Disco Deathball. I'm working on adding weapon models and animations this week.

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