OpenBSD: Ah yes, I recognize that you wish to use your Intel Wireless AC 3165 for wifi, please, go ahead dear sir.
9front: *fails silently*
me: Edits driver to recognize the device id
9front: unsupported
me: locates the error and makes an exception in the code for my chip
9front: did you want to kill your wifi on boot?
me: but OpenBSD doesn't say the wifi is dead-
9front: I'm sorry, but you have activated rfkill switch. Shutting down wifi. Come back later!

I'm doing something wrong, aren't I..

Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Maddening difficulty is... surprisingly enjoyable. Once the numbers are understood the game's design allows for just enough freedom of choice to be punishing when making a mistake, but extremely rewarding when you do things just right!

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nice photos of lovely nature friends 

As always, my magpie friends are wonderful company, and a group of youngsters has been frequenting the park I walk through, getting up to mischief while learning the importance of collecting sticks.

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@spritelyproject Hi! I happen to be following both you and @neauoire and reading this made me think about Spritely Goblins a lot. The peer-to-peer communications, LISP, and especially when you tooted that Goblins could be used for peer-to-peer MUDs without a central server made me think "wow, maybe these two should have a talk". So there you go! I've connected the dots, as a complete stranger to both of you! Maybe it wasn't necessary, but eh

Recently set my browser to opt-in JavaScript, and I'm really impressed with how works completely without having to enable JavaScript... really sets an example!

What started as an Oscean fork is coming into its own as a personal wiki... It's a lot of fun to tinker with!!

Formulating my expression to the world using Oscean ☆

Trying to find a regex for a problem, my first attempt, furious it isn't working:


*takes a walk*


That works.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the source code of Oscean; how does he generare those .c files??? Then I realized, ever since he realized that static sites are much faster and take up less memory, he's been writing the .c files by hand. He probably just auto-generated the first files using his old nodejs code and plans to write manually / a new application for appending journal posts etc. from now on. It really is much more simple and elegant. I just wish I hadn't tried understanding...

Browsing various creative websites and I'm really inspired. My own site is like a bootstrap tutorial 😴 single-file static websites backed by javascript are so cool ❤

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