A downside to programming for fun, for me, is that i need at least an hour or two to “load” the project into my head, to be able to do real work. Less then that and I am not able to make any “real” progress. It isn’t an easy drop-in hobby. For me anyway!

@jos I'm not sure, but I have similar issues with projects that have lots of classes and homemade abstractions. You may be experiencing this because you are overusing Object-Oriented programming in your project.

@tagglink I would agree that scope can be, and is for me, an issue I battle with! As is over engineering things :) I am not sure that that is limited to any single programming language feature/design though.

@jos I just find Object-Oriented programs difficult to think about, navigate, and "load in". It's difficult to get things done when you'e busy jumping around files, trying to think about "where" to put your solution rather than actually writing the solution

@tagglink what or how do you develop such that it is easier to “load in” and work on your projects? I’m using Unity3d primarily, since it is also my work tool, and I’m most familiar and speediest with it.


@jos Still, Unity3D is quite restrictive in itself so it doesn't matter much. When you're already forced to work with objects you're already paying for the overhead, so you might as well make yourself comfortable and program however you like.

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