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Ok, here is what @unity3d@twitter.com need to do imho... It's a big thread! BUCKLE UP as the boomers say!
1) Make *games*. Not tech demos. Not huge money making games that are competing with their developers (a huge reason they have said multiple times why they do not make games)

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The same way idea guys think ideas are the critical valuable part of a game production, the same way certain people frustrated with all the pain points in Unity think that if only Unity *knew* of the pain points, then it would be no problem to actually get them fixed.

But the problem is not lack of knowledge of what the pain points are; at least it’s by no means the bottleneck. Unity has heaps of knowledge of pain points that they don’t have resources to work on all at once. Focusing even more on this would only make the backlog even longer.

The actual problem is doing the work of fixing the pain points, with short and long term fixes often colliding in inelegant ways, and how all work is made difficult by the codebase ever growing in scope and complexity, with major cleanups prevented by backwards compatibility.


@runevision I think any monolithic software has this issue. Complexity is a beast that takes time to conquer, and bad decisions are usually not given a second chance at redemption when depency emerges as a complex net. The issue isn't really the bad decision, because it's usually inevitable. The issue is that the system doesn't provide room for fixing the decisions retroactively lest they go without profit for too long.

@tagglink Yeah I think this is a very hard problem to solve any day and even more so in a domain of corporate priorities.

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