Oh, hmm - seems like the migration has moved my followers, but not my follows? So I'm currently not following anyone 🤔

Do I go ahead and start following people again, or is this one of those things that'll sort itself out in a day or so?

Ideally less of my feed would be about the process of setting up my Mastodon account, sorry! Teething issues!

@terry You can download your follows list as a CSV in your settings and then reupload it to the new profile under "Import and export"

@cailleach think it might be too late for that - can't log into the old account anymore! But sounds like it'll sort itself out soon

@cailleach oh, I'm wrong, sorry, looks like that's still accessible!

@terry It'll sort itself out, took about an hour or so for mine to migrate!

@terry From your old instance, you can go into settings, then the Import/Export options, and Export your Follows; then you can import them on gamedev.place!

@terry you need to follow people again. You can export your previous follows from the settings on mastodo.social and import them on your new account

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