As an introduction: I'm Thomas, a freelance game producer from Groningen, the Netherlands 🇳🇱

My current main project is Isonzo (from the makers of Verdun), a WW1-set online FPS releasing later this year! 🏔️ I'm also involved in some other projects!

I'm always happy to talk or about project or team management, so don't hesitate to say hi :D

@thomasjager cool! That looks very mature already :) do you have some more media or a homepage?
Working in a team or even solo? O_o

@Hackmet ~Thanks!! Haha oh dear no, it's not a solo project :D

I'm working on this with ~20 very talented people. It's part of a longer running series as well, I joined in 2019 during early production of this game.

The game's homepage is here
but you can also find it on Steam already here:

and it's also coming to PS4/PS5/XB1/XBSX!

Thanks for the info, that looks like a very interesting series! I'll check it out - I hope it runs on my machine ^^

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