@shivoa Hm! I'm treading into unknown waters for myself now, but I seem to remember that Steam does show PS icons when you enable DS4 support for it and the game supports DS4 glyphs. I'm definitely not sure, but I've played a bunch of games in BP with DS4 and eg in Deathloop I'm sure it worked. Just not sure if I had Steam managing my controller at that moment

@shivoa Games that allow you to select your preference might be best 😁 And a lot of games seem to just get Xbox/PS right, even outside of Steam, so I have high hopes for the future

Do you have examples of games that default to Nintendo? I've never seen that, sounds horrible indeed.

I’m so proud of our team for the level of detail we’ve managed in the uniforms and gear in Isonzo!

This screenshot just got published in our latest dev log, sometimes I can't believe I'm working on this :D

Misplacing my copy of The Game Production Toolbox really makes me realise the fear that D&D wizards have to live with every day 😰

@Hackmet ~Thanks!! Haha oh dear no, it's not a solo project :D

I'm working on this with ~20 very talented people. It's part of a longer running series as well, I joined in 2019 during early production of this game.

The game's homepage is here ww1gameseries.com/isonzo/
but you can also find it on Steam already here: store.steampowered.com/app/155

and it's also coming to PS4/PS5/XB1/XBSX!

@bram_dingelstad Oh yeah, I was just wondering if my expectation was correct. I've played 80 Days and I think that paints a good picture for the extent of branching it's made for! It definitely seems nice for what it's made for, and simple to use!

@bram_dingelstad It's less about branching super far than Articy, right? I feel that that would be difficult in ink from what I've seen. Ink is more about formatting / presentation of text based storytelling, isn't it? With some logic gating still

As an introduction: I'm Thomas, a freelance game producer from Groningen, the Netherlands 🇳🇱

My current main project is Isonzo (from the makers of Verdun), a WW1-set online FPS releasing later this year! 🏔️ I'm also involved in some other projects!

I'm always happy to talk or about project or team management, so don't hesitate to say hi :D

@helloCLD @Jeremiah might be! It's pretty easy to tell; I think if the account ends with the domain, it's from outside your instance, and if it's just @thomasjager for example, it's from here!

@BraveRobynArt Your art looks lovely! Death's Door is such a pretty game so I'm in awe of all artists who worked on it :D

@bram_dingelstad I did see a sort of embedded toot somewhere?? or maybe that was just a link snippet/preview that looked nice

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@Jeremiah Discovery features seem limited, maybe we will see the return of follow friday here?

@bram_dingelstad Looks complicated 😩 I'll hit you up if I continue with my 3D birbs

Hello game dev Mastodon! Early bird gets the toot??

@bram_dingelstad Yeah picoCAD is cute if you really want to make it difficult to sneakily make your model higher-poly than it should be :p

Is that renderer up for grabs? 👀 I also saw the blender/aseprite live painting thingy, really cool!

@bram_dingelstad hahahah yeeeaaah I might do that as a dramatic hobby project but I have to patch him up a bit first!

I saw you were just using Blender now for low poly stuff? Can imagine because picoCAD gets intense quickly once you go beyond boxy things

@bram_dingelstad thanks :D

I tried out picoCAD, we share the PS1 graphics vibe hahah

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