@eylul Ah nice to see a fellow Linux artist here :D
What do you use for editing your photos? Darktable?

@tinyworlds Darktable. Sometimes Gimp, Hugin and Krita. :) what about you?


@eylul Jup, Darktable as well, although I still feel like a noob at it. And almost exclusively Krita now, GIMP feels so outdated in contrast.

@tinyworlds consider looking into the developer version of #gimp? It is the devel. version but there is quite a bit of new features to it. :)

@eylul Maybe I should 🤔 Honestly I'm really satisfied with Krita though ^^

@tinyworlds I don't think one has to pick one. I use both. :) Krita is great for photo editing, even through it is not designed for it.

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