I'm kinda curious... does anyone interact with anyone else on this platform... any more?

Also, there's so much content directly linked from Twitter... .... ....

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@toomuchvoltage listening to each other screaming into the void is a meaningful interaction, okay? :v

that said global timeline is no fun, I would suggest trying to browse and interact with local timelines of specific instances that seem interesting to you... fedilab lets you do that, but not sure about other clients

@AlexHoratio well that's great... when Aras started this, Twitter was super charged and very toxic. Some had doubts as to whether the same radioactive substances would leak over to this side. But that's not what happened... instead -- imo -- it just became an isolated version of Twitter with a lot less content diversity.

@toomuchvoltage @AlexHoratio I’m 100% in the market for a not-corporate social media platform. So I’m here, posting, and open to convos!

@patrickmcurry @AlexHoratio That's great to hear... though in general just organic back and forth is what makes a network. It needs widespread adoption. Network effect n' all. Otherwise, we can have a three-way Skype call for fireside chats 🙂

@toomuchvoltage @patrickmcurry @AlexHoratio yeah my impression is that at the moment this place does not have a "critical mass" required for meaningful interactions. At least for me. Don't know how to solve this :/

@AlexHoratio @patrickmcurry @toomuchvoltage @aras I find Mastodon in general to be a nicer, calmer Twitter with a lot of the same benefits, if a slightly different set of people. For gamedev specifically, I get that there’s not a lot going on, but I do enjoy the content I see people post here. I think it’s mostly just a matter of time, people come over in dribs and drabs at each Twitter crisis.

@onesadcookie @aras @toomuchvoltage @patrickmcurry Calmer than Twitter indeed! I like browsing the federated timeline, and every so often I'll see something in the local timeline that'll catch my eye. It works for me :D

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