Testing a new mini toolbar usefull for the upcoming LayerEditor

I can reload old BKD with the new Layer composition mode

Nothing visually sexy but the Management of the Layer Stack move forward.
We try to be as close as possible to a simple list in a nodal environment here.


Improved multi selection today.
We can now select Operator's input with the Rectangle selection tool and also use the Ctrl and/or Shift shortcut to select in a layer stack like in a simple list.. forum.bleank.com/viewtopic.php

Implementation of the new design for LayerStack.. a lot of little detail in UX to fix but it start to work forum.bleank.com/viewtopic.php

Mastodon, is it possible to have a '&' in a path using the CMD.exe ( like cmd /c "c:\toto&mickey\tool.bat" ) ?? because it seems not.. ss64.com/nt/start.html 😭

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