Thinking about writing a tutorial on setting up a CI pipeline with using and . Would anyone be interested?

game dev is making me unhealthy. I should start going to the gym again.

Science fiction novels that age well are a treasure

Why can't I be as effortlessly cool as Stephen Malkmus?

I wish cities had the forethought to design for more than just walking or driving. Wish we could level them and start from scratch.

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What self hosted service(s) is everyone using right now? I have a and instance.

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planning to honor the mars rover by also dying alone

My desktop froze and I thought it was 7:30 for like an hour. I basically time travelled.

Hello from the past. 👋

GFOTY's new music sounds like it belongs in a mid 2000s DDR game.

PSA, if you're not using freshly ground pepper you're doing yourself a disservice.

After about 4 years of following and using @godotengine I finally decided to start giving to their Patreon. Feels good to support such an awesome project 😄

New favorite show on NPR: Bird note. Learning all about the cactus wren.

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Long time no toot!

3.1 is getting close to the release candidate, expect the stable version in coming weeks!

You can test 3.1 beta 4 now and report any bugs you find:

Dang I miss being in college when the world was big and exciting.

That time of day to switch from building boring websites to building buggy games.

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