I was going to wait for but that hour is always when I'm sleeping, and if there's a way to schedule toots, I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

Super stoked to be able to share Super Marxist Twins with the world! I've been working on it on & off and restarting development for over a decade. This iteration in Unity was started around 2 years ago, but finally there's a demo available to the public!

@vecima the platforming looks so smooth, congrats on finishing it!

@tophatsquid Thanks! though it's actually got quite a ways to go before it's finished. We were considering trying to use the demo to build popularity to drive crowd-funding to help finish the rest of the game up. I'm still not sure what our best route will be. The biggest problem is we don't have a dedicated artist so getting even this far on the game has been tough - especially tough to try to maintain a consistent style.

@vecima Honestly I'm surprised you folks don't have a dedicated artist, the art style looks very coherent! I feel like crowdfunding might be a good route especially with a small team

@vecima (this is coming from someone who has never released a commercial game, but just likes cool games 😊)

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