Code reviews that lead to code reduction by 1/3, make it more performant, easier to read and to maintain - pure and beautiful magic.

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Debugging Unity:
1) Turn it off and on again
2) Turn it off, delete the Library/ folder, turn it on again
3) Actually start debugging

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Someone should make a Mastodon web client using styles. In honour of the Federation.

Anyone joining the "conference" next week in Berlin? It's an awesome indie dev gathering showing usually the most crazy game ideas I've ever seen.

"A MAZE. / Berlin is an international festival focusing on arthouse games and playful media"

So accidentally I used Ctrl+K in unity and found that it opens a really nice "new" global search combining almost everything from files, menus, prefabs, hierarchy with an integrated Inspector. Filters can be saved etc.

Mindblowing that you can use math formulas to position multiple objects in . Not sure if this can be used for serious level design but it is a neat feature.

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