This is pretty cool. Especially since it's pretty much a portable PC so you're free to install other stuff besides Steam.


Introducing Steam Deck: powerful, portable PC gaming starting at $399. Designed by Valve, powered by Steam. Shipping December 2021.

Learn more at and reserve yours tomorrow.


@vnen Wonder if this is part of the reason they've been pushing Linux so hard.

@craigmaloney They've been working on SteamOS for a while, this was bound to happen. Portable is the way to go since anything desktop (which I believe was the original plan) would hardly justify instead of a regular PC, or just using Steam Link.

@vnen I won't be buying this. Stream used to make their own controllers and then they just stopped. They used to make this great thing called the Steam Link but they stopped that too, and broke it in subsequent updates. Their quality is garbage. This will be a paperweight in two years.

@sixohsix Steam Link as a dedicated box is not really justifiable (I can use it on my TV without any extra hardware). I do agree they should keep supporting it for the people who bought it.

Since this is just a portable PC, I don't think they are able to break it with updates.

I'm not buying this either since I don't have the need. Even my Switch barely leaves the dock.

@vnen At first I think it was funny, but then, thinking better, I really want this device!

But buying this in Brazil is... yeah.

@Andre_LA yep. I wouldn't buy because I probably won't use it as much, given that even the Switch I barely play undocked (although it would be useful for playing PC games on the TV).

But indeed, buying it in Brazil will be super expensive if you can even find it.

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