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There's a thing about Europe I think where others looks at it like at promised land but it's actually not and has tons of own problems (and sometimes same problems as the rest of the world).
I always knew that but I guess never felt lol. Or there were not so many nazis there as where I lived, I don't know

Did you know that *drain the swamp* was first used by socialist Winfield Gaylord to describe the socialist desire to "drain" the "capitalist swamp"?


Footage from libre game, Vegan on a Desert Island.

You can use the recycling machine to clean trash off the seagulls. Most of them are thankful, but a few aren't.

Having an interesting conversation on the forum about whether a game dev should freely-license his art. Somehow it lead to this.

Thread here:

I've got a postcard from @voadi !
That's so sweet! 😭

We need a video series that gives #FOSS games the same treatment that proprietary games get. My idea:


Slightly better beach cleaning vacuum. Ultimately I want it to work more like the Gust Jar in Minish Cap where the trash shivers for a sec then pops into the vacuum.

I would love to see SuperTuxKart except with original free culture characters like @davidrevoy's Pepper&Carrot, Nina Paley's Sita, and Blender Institute's Sintel or Big Buck Bunny. Software mascots are less appealing to a broader audience. Maybe free culture will have more recognition if developers work alongside artists.

Vegan on a Desert Island is a game that takes a hypothetical question to the extreme. It also features a .

@pizzaiolo Check out the Vegan on a Desert Island trailer. 😀

Website, too:

I'd say it's 10% finished, but starting to come together. I'm trying to make this game a true masterpiece.

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