VOADI running on a Pi Zero, 2.8" screen @ 320x240!

Courtesy of hhromic who has been doing great work porting to RetroPie. Thank you!

@basxto In all seriousness, RetroPie has some noncommercial emulators so I can't sell a VeganBoy. I can do a giveaway though, which is something on my radar. 🙂

The Pi itself isn't FSF-approved either due to proprietary blobs. I'm hoping to find a more FOSS way to distribute VOADI on physical hardware. The demand for such a thing is pretty small, but would be awesome nonetheless.

@voadi but that will not run with solarus and would need a black and white edition

@basxto I own two of them, they're awesome little systems. I've definitely considered it, but it wouldn't work for a colorful game like VOADI. Maybe someday I'll make something else specifically designed for Arduboy.

For some objects it works quite well, for some not so much.

I guess the biggest problem is arduboy’s tiny screen

@Vegan on a Desert Island I started a thread on Arduino(-like) platforms (

). Not sure if any are capable of running VOADI or how easy it would be to port to it. There is of course the pandora and pyra but one is discontinued and both are expensive.
@voadi Nice work. It looks like there is tearing on the OK animation. This is generally due to not waiting the vsync to changing frame, and then over-consuming processor (by computing more frame than frame that can be displayed). I seen somewhere that SPI, often used for this kind of screns, is not very complete about vsync. I'm not sure of this and it would be a so big miss that I would like to verify in specs.
@voadi I tried the game, when going out, and continue just one screen on the south/bottom there is an about one tile large yellow band at the bottom, so looks like a river more than one ocean :(. Else on first screen and intro, very great animation and feeling :).
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