VOADI running on a Pi Zero, 2.8" screen @ 320x240!

Courtesy of hhromic who has been doing great work porting to RetroPie. Thank you!

@basxto In all seriousness, RetroPie has some noncommercial emulators so I can't sell a VeganBoy. I can do a giveaway though, which is something on my radar. 🙂

The Pi itself isn't FSF-approved either due to proprietary blobs. I'm hoping to find a more FOSS way to distribute VOADI on physical hardware. The demand for such a thing is pretty small, but would be awesome nonetheless.

arduboy.com/ but that will not run with solarus and would need a black and white edition

@basxto I own two of them, they're awesome little systems. I've definitely considered it, but it wouldn't work for a colorful game like VOADI. Maybe someday I'll make something else specifically designed for Arduboy.

For some objects it works quite well, for some not so much.


@basxto That's cool! I'm surprised how nice it looks in 1-bit 😮

I guess the biggest problem is arduboy’s tiny screen

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