Hey, I'm planning to make an official #FreeBSD package of #voadi. Is it a good idea? It would be not if the game is unplayable and/or is going to change much in the future which would break savegames.


@AMDmi3 In the future, that would be awesome! Right now it's not suitable for distribution (I can't guarantee the save file). Is there already a Solarus package on FreeBSD? VOADI is just data files for Solarus, eg you run it with `solarus-run ~/path/to/voadi` (solarus-run is the compiled Solarus engine)

Yes, Solarus package is already there. I know voadi is just a data, but it doesn't make it less meaningful to package it, because of one command standard installation for a user, update and dependency tracking, installing .desktop file etc. IMO you should get prepared as it'll get packaged by other people anyway as the word spreads, which is not a bad thing really.

@AMDmi3 I completely agree! VOADI requires Solarus 1.6, is the FreeBSD package up to date?

I would very much like VOADI to be a first-class citizen of FreeBSD and didn't mean to imply otherwise. There's an open issue for .desktop etc here: gitlab.com/voadi/voadi/issues/

@voadi I'm a bit confused because before you said it's not suitable for distribution. However I don't see anything really holding it, especially you also have bounty for providing a flatpak.

I just want to understand what'll happen to saves after the game is updated, so I could write a proper notification to package users. May a new version crash on old saves, or will they just be ignored? May they get corrupted, or will still work with a version they were created with?

@AMDmi3 You can start distributing it if you want, but the playable part of the game is only about 20 minutes. It's planned to be a big story-driven linear adventure and it's just not done. Once you finish the 20 minutes there is no further context, it's not clear that you've finished. I do not think it will be enjoyable for people to play.

The expect the savegame to be corrupted during an upgrade to 1.0.

@AMDmi3 The Flatpak bounty is because I'm hoping we can do some work towards packaging before the 1.0 release. Solarus itself has no Flatpak yet, so it will be harder.

@AMDmi3 Sorry for the miscommunication. The answer is "it's unplayable," but I got caught up with the semantics. It would be really great to see it added to FreeBSD when it's done.

Surely it shouldn't get in a way of your development plans, so I suggest to just add a simple precaution, like adding a version number to a save file, and refusing to load saves from different versions. Users who still cherish these saves could just get a compatible game version and use it.

@AMDmi3 It's a linear story-driven game, but the current version is disconnected/unfinished. A savegame is not valuable currently.

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