EVOLV kicked out their best scientist and replaced her with a klutz. Now they're paying the price!

Asset credits: Siltocyn (art), CosmicGem (music), DragonDePlatino (Zoria tileset). CC BY-SA 4.0

Happy birthday to VOADI! It's been 1 year since starting development. Here's a very early screenshot of the game. Things have gotten much better. 😄

VOADI running on a Pi Zero, 2.8" screen @ 320x240!

Courtesy of hhromic who has been doing great work porting to RetroPie. Thank you!

VOADI is a game that explores real-world animal issues such as wild animal predation.

Catacombs dungeon progress! VOADI is an open-source 2D adventure game about politics and society.

Tileset by Strato, music by CosmicGem. Both CC BY-SA 4.0.

lightning talk! I'm glad I was able to get a few laughs from the audience. 🙂 You all are great.

I've been revisiting old maps with a new perspective.

The starting point of the game.

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