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I forgot a little to give update here.

Everything is going all right, and after a lot of architectural work, I'll began to implement the gameplay soon :)

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À 19h15 (heure de paris GMT+1), je ferais du
en sur mon jeu. Il est envisageable qu'on dérive à la fin sur exapunks, qui est sorti DRM Free sur gog.com .

(c'est sur twitch.tv/webshinra )

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Do you remember when I said my shadow system was working correctly?

Well, I discover later that half of the shading was is fact missing.

Se here it is, after a to-complex-for-such-a-dumb-thing refactoring of that system, a really correct ambient occlusion system.

Bon, le retour du
en toujours. Et il est même possible qu'on croise un dangereux prédateur (c'est ~maintenant).

Wesh les gens, ce soir je fait un ou je programme du jeu. C'est en Rust, en français, à 19h15 et c'est sur twitch.tv/webshinra
Donc, c'est une première, ça pourrait cafouiller. Mais on va essayer de gérer les interactions entre la souris et la carte.

Ok, my shadow system work correctly \o/

Itallow me to exhaustively test the coordinate system (cubic/offset coordinate conversion) which used to have some weakness :p

Ok, I may be trying to get a correct mental image of «how to correctly integrate radar» in my game :P

(It may be because it's easier for me to fast-read in French, but a lot of the interesting stuff I found is in that language)

being silent does not necessary mean being inactive. I've worked hard on the architecture (now based on a «parallel Entity Component System» model) , and adapted my guile-based rendering system to my Rust engine.
And I use it for the 2d ambient occlusion system.

I join here a small preview before/after.

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@deathofdevil for handeling hexagon, this article contain everything required : redblobgames.com/grids/hexagon

To generate good looking tile, looking at the data (and the source) of Wesnoth (wesnoth.org/) is a very good inspiration, they do it right.

For, generating tile using blender, I 'improvise' with it, using a insometric camera I share between every sprite (and use python for rendering batch).

Someday I'll probably take the time to write an article about it, but it may be in French.

A quick unit sprite rendering test (for fun and testing transparent shadow generation with blender cycle).
Now I «just» have to correctly handle the unit concept on the software side.

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tired: Pope Innocent VI
wired: Pope Guilty Emacs

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