Go get the Bundle for Ukraine if you can afford it! It's $10 (give more if you're able), all proceeds go to charity, and if that's not enough you also get access to 998 products. 🇺🇦


Just added some channel emotes to the stream, download BetterTTV if you want to see 'em next time (there's two of my cat Apple and if that doesn't get you hyped I'm not sure what will)

I've been doing a little experiment in the form of my first pixel art font! It's free and public domain, so go ahead and do whatever you like with it


Just submitted my entry to the 2022 Virtual Pet Jam! I'll be playing my game and other submissions from the jam during my next stream. Good job to all the devs who made anything, submitted or not.


I (barely) finished my game for the 2021 jam! Check it out on my itch page (or with the link below). It's my first game jam and I honestly can't wait to do more.


I won't be a streaming today as I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, so just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thursday wherever you might be in the world :) I'll be back on Tuesday to finish up our jam game!

Hey there! I'm Weston, or Wherbe (pronouced 'werb') everywhere online, and I thought I'd get an out there.

I make games (using the ) and pixel art, and try to dabble in all aspects of game dev when I can. I also dig nature, space, and horror, which I'm always down to talk about too. I'm excited to chat with folks both here and while I stream :)

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