Game bombed hard, nobody knows about it. Too many games. Super proud of the way it turned out. Lots of stuff I would change if I was doing it again.

Releasing a game feels like Bruce Willis after he figures out he's been dead the whole time.

My page only has 6 views and somebody already commented on it. On Itch I have 2553 views and 0 comments.

I added my game to Game Jolt. I hadn't heard of it before yesterday, but it seems like a cool community.

It's much easier to write a compelling store page description when your game has a story.

I think I finally finished the game I've been working on. It took about 8 months, 70 hours per week.

I'm in the market for some short-term (1-3 months) contract work. Anyone need a programmer? Strongest with UE4 but also working on my Unity skills.

I set up a Discord for xMoon. Come drop by and say hi if you have time and are into that kind of thing:

@korruptor Hi, congrats on Lumo! I played it on the Switch last year and I thought it was a really fun game!

Here's all of the scam emails I've gotten so far from people trying to get Steam keys to resell. If only they knew how hard it is to sell they would leave me alone.

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