I set up a Discord for xMoon. Come drop by and say hi if you have time and are into that kind of thing: discord.gg/pURK4eh

@korruptor Hi, congrats on Lumo! I played it on the Switch last year and I thought it was a really fun game!

Here's all of the scam emails I've gotten so far from people trying to get Steam keys to resell. If only they knew how hard it is to sell they would leave me alone.

I'm a few days into Steam Early Access launch. So far I've only sold 2. Selling games is really hard 😞

By the way, I kind of suck at writing. If anybody has some tips for making the steam store page better, please don't hold back.

xMoon is officially out on Steam Early Access! Big thanks to my Mastodon friends for your helpful feedback so far! store.steampowered.com/app/103

Here's my itch.io stats after a few days. Looks like I won't be a hundred-aire any time soon.

Day 2 went a lot better.

1. I tweeted to itch.io asking to put my game in the "fresh games" category on the front page of itch -- and that actually worked.

2. I started a 100% off sale, which attracted a lot of attention. During the sale, xMoon was in the top 50 most popular games on itch. I didn't make any money but I least I got the game into people's hands. Hopefully these people will help spread the word.

I've tweeted this before (but not tooted):

Graph of "Player audience size versus number of games meeting player audience criteria on Steam"

Important note: this is players (not purchases/installs).

Data sources:

xMoon's Steam page is up! It's still in "Coming Soon" mode, but it almost looks like a real game now! store.steampowered.com/app/103

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