If two wheels are spun on a common axis, the mutual gravitational attraction between the two wheels will be greater if they spin in opposite directions than in the same direction. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitoe

Game bombed hard, nobody knows about it. Too many games. Super proud of the way it turned out. Lots of stuff I would change if I was doing it again.

Releasing a game feels like Bruce Willis after he figures out he's been dead the whole time.

My page only has 6 views and somebody already commented on it. On Itch I have 2553 views and 0 comments.

I added my game to Game Jolt. I hadn't heard of it before yesterday, but it seems like a cool community. gamejolt.com/games/xMoon/41921

It's much easier to write a compelling store page description when your game has a story.

I think I finally finished the game I've been working on. It took about 8 months, 70 hours per week.

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