I've been having issues naming variables that should be constrained to [0-1] range. I used to use *percent but that becomes confusing since that could mean [0-100]% and not its 0-1 value. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A friend recommended "ratio" but I'm not enjoying writing it, it has a different meaning in my head.

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As is my annual tradition, I wrote up some notes on some of the new notable games I completed in the last year. blog.shivoa.net/2021/12/games-

This has been my bachelor' thesis project, and it's still very delicate so if you use it and you have some critique, feature ideas and such, please send them my way!

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I've released UAI - Utility AI Editor tool for Unity! The aim is for it to be used by AI designers aswell as programmers - that's why it has visual graph-like tool to manage the most important AI design phase - "tweaking it a bit".


Does anyone else have an issue with Unity package manager where anytime I focus out and back into the editor window it opens progress bar with "Resolving packages" line? It lasts for like 2-3 seconds, it's not a big deal but I fear package manager so much

It started when I updated Unity to 2019.4.16f1

Puppy house got some fresh paint and roof tiles today! I hope the owners show some appreciation by not chewing the walls/expanding the entrance/tearing their blankets.

Does anyone know of a accurate resource/list for learning unity editor uss, what names, types, classes are used? Printing out classes of each different VisualElement I use is tiring

Made a house for our two puppies yesterday! It still needs a roof overlay and maybe some isolation, but now dogs are ready for winter :)

Programming, paradigms 

Oh yeah we did do some AI course in common lisp, that was cool :D

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Programming, paradigms 

Not that my argument is "OOP is bad in every situation" but I was silently of the opinion that everything is better with OOP. And that started in college, since we first learned C, and right after that C++ and OOP in C++. The rest of the college was mostly done through C++ and C#, some Java, and very, very rarely (optional courses) javascript and php.

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Programming, paradigms 

I had a conversation with my friend yesterday about OOP, and I ended up realizing that I was kinda lulled into it, and have been trying to jam every project I worked on into some sort of OOP, even when the language wasn't naturally supportive of it (php, javascript), or that OOP didn't serve any good to the project

I've given UnityYAMLMerge another go, after it failed me a couple of years ago. It seems to be working fine, I'm following the pipeline git->YAMLMerge->Meld->git .

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a git diff/mergetool for unity? Prefabs and scenes are giving me hell when there are conflicts

Why do I always fuck something up when integrating Wwise?

I've received a business email starting with "Dear gamer"

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Urgent, a real revolution 

Hey Mastodon - so we here are going through a real student movement in India. If you can help tell me:
- alternate domains for email, docs etc
- alternate ways for quick comm during internet shutdown
- ways to protect your identity from online surveillance
- ways to keep yourself away from getting the right wingers attention on Instagram
- what else is needed for a revolution? IDK its my first one.
All help, is going to be rewarded with blessings. This thread will be shared with other protestors.

I searched it up, but there's only definitions by some product/market analyst, never a game designer

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Does anyone know what are hyper-casual games from a game design perspective? Are there any standout examples?

Gamejam competetion, creation rights 

We're about to participate in a 24 hour gamejam competetion (there are rewards involved). One thing confused me in the rules of the comp, it's that we give up rights on everything we create in those 24 hours to the organizing firm. Is this a common practice? It seems sketchy to me. Also, some of the rewards include mentorship for the game or funds if the game seems to be "marketable", so maybe the reasoning has something to the with that.

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