I've been having issues naming variables that should be constrained to [0-1] range. I used to use *percent but that becomes confusing since that could mean [0-100]% and not its 0-1 value. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A friend recommended "ratio" but I'm not enjoying writing it, it has a different meaning in my head.

@worntunic Fraction? Technically any number between 0 and 1 can be represented by a proper fraction.

@GodofGrunts @m3 That sounds good! I've never considered it since in my native language fractions translate to rational numbers which could be 3/2 for example. Outside of math it translates to "a part of something".

@worntunic @m3 A fraction can be 3/2 as well, but those are referred to as "improper fractions" in English. I'm not sure how other languages refer to them.

@worntunic ooh this has always bugged me too. I've seen "alpha" before as a suffix, it kind of works?

@_benui @worntunic yeah, I use ratio a lot. Normalised or unit would probably be my other options.

@k @_benui @worntunic I quite like to use "[Foo]Scale" since it implies a direct multiple. Or just "t" in code since that's the default parametric symbol in most math equations

@k @sinbad @_benui I use t for interpolation too, but if it's a parameter that should be tweaked by non-programmers, I try to avoid it since it's not descriptive if you don't know about its usage in math/code

@worntunic @sinbad @_benui ah, yeah. True.

I've started leaning into DisplayName= a lot more, if only for my own memory.

@dznz That's good but it has a constrained context. For example, you can't use it to "get a point along the path x% from the start".

Perhaps the lesson is I shouldn't force one name on all the values that have the same constriction but name them by their behaviour

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