Join us for community meeting on Discord ( to talk about development, ideas and the future of Xenko.
December 18th (Wednesday) at 13:00 UTC

Xenko 3.1 released!

It took some time to stabilize everything with the new Xenko packages, but we now feel confident enough to release Xenko 3.1!

Read all about this release:

We got accepted by GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund:

If you support us this way, GitHub will match your contribution!

Next to the community meetings were everyone can join in on the discussions, we now also have the contributor meetings. Last weekend we had our first gathering:

Topics in the September 2019 blog:

- Picking up speed
- New project overview
- What is being worked on
- Possible name change

To provide better transparency, will probably create/join an NPO soon!

Small reminder, that is alive thanks to donations.
If you like the project and can afford it, please consider contributing!

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