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Updated Herbarium, my game, with Quests and some bugfixes.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

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Right that's it, we're officially launching Washed Up! on October 16th. Eek.

Launch Trailer:
Wish list on Steam:

Most importantly: DON'T PANIC (written in nice, friendly letters)

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Quite pleased with dawn effects, fake shadows pushed about as far as I can get away with. Quite cheap! Need to re-test on super old hardware but think it should manage.

Really need to get that placeholder selection box fixed up before I start taking new video/screenshot footage though

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Here's how I automate my Unity batch builds and release process to Itch/Steam using Powershell:
It's pretty configurable so might be useful to others. PRs welcome if you have more complex needs

While watching Raph Koster, Richard Garriott et al presenting the awesome UO postmortem, I've upped v0.4 of with 2 new filters: sponsor and tags

If you have any suggestions for tags, @ me!

v0.3 up! Managed to squeeze 120kb out of the JSON (down from ~500 to ~370)

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GDC Vault Explorer v0.2 is up! Now contains summaries for all the talks. Takes a bit longer to load, so I've kept v0.1 live as a "lite version"

The Official GDC Vault is awesome, but browsing through it is a bit clunky. I tried to make filtering a bit easier and more responsive.

Here's the GDC 2018 Vault Explorer!

Boost and spread the love! 🎉

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I'll write a series of "n00b tries to pathtracer" blog posts. Mostly for laughs, and also to have something embarrassing in the future :)

If you don't have access to a fancy decompiler, this might help: source code for the C# part of the Unity engine and editor.

It's been on since last year but I never heard about it 😱

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Just published the first entry in a new blog mini-series: Setting up a game server with Nakama on Google Compute Engine
If this interests you, let me know! Part 2 is in progress already but beyond that it depends on interest

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Our tiny little first game "Washed Up!" is coming soon! 😀

Marie and I are increasingly happy with it and will be walking around Rezzed with a copy in a few weeks.

And it's a wrap! Here's Chimera, my entry for , featuring glitchy, retro goodness and music by Leo Perantoni


I may or may not have spent 2:47h on a shader I ended up not using.

(Also, fun fact, the Super Meat Boy OST is 2:47h long)

What I should be doing: writing a game in a single class for
What I did for the past hours: a bunch of shaders for a cool ass synthwave BG for said game

Oh shi, starts in 1 hour

Sign up on @itchio and let's write some (likely) shitty code!

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I'm actually impressed that there's already 13 people registered to

How much complexity can you cram into a single class?

I joked about a game jam where games must be made within a single class. Turns out the more I think about it, the more interesting/shameless it seems somehow... so I went ahead and set it up on @itchio!

Who's joining?!

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