I found this transcript of an Infocom Implementors reunion chat (Feb 1992). It doesn't seem to exist anywhere else on the Internet, so I uploaded it:

I think it took place on the CompuServe Gamers forum.

Funny looking back on a time that thought that Infocom was ancient history, because everybody had left two or three years ago. Oh, now that's some nice "don't step on each others toes" practices there. The single "!" to signal you want to comment, a "GA" to let a person know you're done and they can go ahead and take their turn. Quite an interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

@distractedmosfet A bunch of files that I tarred up from my undergrad account and left in the back of a closet, data-wise, for thirty years.

@zarfeblong Yeah that's definitely one way to make a rare find! Thanks for sharing. Suspect you'll find anything else of (public) interest?

@distractedmosfet Really, nothing else.

I found my original rules doc for Capture the Flag with Stuff but it's the same as what I put on my web site back then.

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