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Andrew Plotkin @zarfeblong

My comment on Slack's recent announcement about their XMPP/IRC gateways. They are making a mistake.

@zarfeblong a reasonable comment, though i think the basic thing is that accessibility to open protocols is something that enclosure-driven companies like slack are only motivated to provide as long as it pumps their adoption rates and deflects the criticisms of people who care about the stuff they're trying to destroy.

as with, say, google, once they been effective enough at eating an ecosystem, the incentives flip.

@zarfeblong I didn't even realize they had IRC and XMPP gateways until I saw other folks talking about it. Probably would have saved me some kernel panics :/

It's strange, because it makes sense that Twitter would want to prevent third party clients, considering they want to show you ads. But Slack has paying users.