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Andrew Plotkin

@aggsol This could happen with gamebooks as well.

@aggsol Really this is the first year that we've talked about outreach at all. My tweets/snuffleupagations are a first attempt at doing that. Historically we've been reactive rather than active -- a lot of Twine games started showing up five years ago, so we said "Okay, I guess we're a comp that has a lot of Twine games now!"

@aggsol Excellent questions! The comp comes from a hobbyist-videogame history; the videogame format is an unspoken assumption in the rules. People have entered game-book-style PDF documents (, It's clearly accepted but we haven't gone out to those communities saying "You should be in IFComp."

Good post about Mastodon's features for dealing with abuse and harassment: I didn't realize inability to search arbitrary strings was a) part of the platform, b) an intentional choice to thwart a lot of bad stuff that happens on the birdsite. It's a bummer for some things (finding a joke you can only remember a few words from) but I understand the value of that decision.

(Last year I livetweeted the IFComp results and probably got myself blocked by everybody on this server. La la la.)

If you're not sure, then try playing games and voting on them when the games are released (Oct 1). Then when voting is over you can say "Wow, I can totally do better than some of those" and think about writing a game for 2019. End of public service announcement.

IFComp ( is now accepting author registrations! IFComp is exciting, and stressful, and there are cash prizes for interactive fiction, and you should read the rules before entering. Yes, this is an ambivalent sort of reminder.

@oreolek I don't know, it was the title the person named.

And, I forgot to mention it here when the Steam summer sale started, but I'm in that. Meanwhile and Hadean Lands are both on sale.

Announcements: Heliopause is up on sub-Q (, and I am involved in an upcoming Twine anthology piece called Memory Blocks (

@caraellison Heh. Hi! Secretly I've *also* thought about remaking S&W in some other game engine, but then I get bogged down in combinatorial stealth mechanics.

Since Slack is turning off their XMPP/IRC gateway tomorrow, I had to write a minimal command-line Slack client.

I'm not sure what the use case is that this aids, but if it's your use case, enjoy.

I have taken a step towards something-or-other by adding my (main) blog's RSS feed to

Blog post: keeping an eye on the Myst kickstarter. (mostly of interest to Cyan nerds, but I mention some other recent kickstarters at the end.)

A twitter hashtag is going on about four games that influenced you, and hey, I can post the images here too.

Missing moments in games: investigating key moments in _Everything_ and _El Shaddai_. (Way big spoilers.)