Registration for NarraScope closes tomorrow night. This is the IF conference I'm helping to organize in Boston.

@wooden_troll @shivoa That's $100 for the total payout, not per game. In case it matters.

@ceejbot I've been hating on Postel's Law for, yeesh, twenty years now. Ever since we had to do a round of cleanup on Z-machine interpreters because they accepted absolute garbage.

I replayed Prince of Persia (2008). It got me thinking whether that game's ending, which so many people talked about, has been followed up in the past ten years of game design.

Thoughts on IGF finalists that I had mixed reactions to: Unavowed, Genital Jousting, Hypnospace Outlaw.

@runevision If Ico were first-person or over-the-shoulder (nearly-first), there would be little to distinguish it from a 3D metroidvania.

Belatedly, I realize that you are talking about the algorithm used to generate IFIDs from files.

The problem is that we want existing files to keep the same IFIDs they've always had. So changing the checksum algorithm isn't really possible.

@CarlMuckenhoupt Sorry, it is the Received Wisdom. Installers that are actual apps are way more of a pain in the ass.

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