Best wishes to everybody now plummeting out of Telltale. And man... it's too soon to be sunny-side about this... but I hope this results in a dozen Oxenfrees and Firewatches sprouting over the next couple of years.

Sux about Telltale Games. I did not get into their new-model Walking Dead genre games (Sam&Max forever!) But they never wavered from their commitment to big narrative-centered games, and I appreciated that the industry had that.

@courtney Yay. The good news is that there's quite a few in the series by now and they're all kinda the same deal. The bad news is, well... but I'm always happy to snap up a new one.

How the heck am I supposed to remember that Subsurface Circular and Subserial Network aren't the same game

I am not in fact writing a new text parser engine in Python. It's just the easiest way to test what I'm writing is command-line input.

@CarlMuckenhoupt After episode 1, you keep the Super Ultimate One-Shot Sword of Doom, so combat after that is just one click. After episode 2, you keep the Super Ultimate One-Stir Ladle of Doom...

This is just the dev game engine, of course. It'll eventually export Python objects into either ObjC, JS, or C# source code, depending on how I feel a year from now.

Gah, the activation energy of going from "one hacky Python script in your working directory" to "gotta build a game engine in Python, how will I lay out the submodules"

I will be hanging around DifferentGames at WPI. I have a (small) bit in the (diverse, amazing) MemoryBlocks anthology.

Me: I never want to write a domain-specific language again. I'll just use Python.
Five minutes later: Can I add switch statements to Python? Can I put decorators on if statements? I bet I can make it happen.

@ncthbrt That probably sounds trivial, but I haven't found tools which give me better leverage on design than my own written explanation of what's going on.

@ncthbrt The only thing that's ever worked for me is opening a text file and starting to type up my plans for the structure. Add detail until there are no more questions.

@codeacula At least writing a test lets you feel morally superior for a minute.

Ima start writing some code this month, I promise, but I have to have at least a rough outline of the puzzle structure first.

Anybody else do the thing of starting a git repo and then just editing the notes file for a month, so the log looks like 75 commits of "Notes." "More notes." "Puzzle notes."

But I am not at this point concerned with exactly how to separate people from their money - up-front, micro, subscription, whatever. My question is how do we rebuild a marketplace where games have medium-sized satisfied audiences at all. We currently seem to be aggregating towards many cult favorites (three devoted players each) and Fortnite (all the rest of the money).

@posniewski My games are single-player narrative puzzle games, which don't fit well with microtransactions. Although on mobile there's a reasonably well-accepted model of "IAP to tip the author $1, $2, $5, whatever."

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