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Andrew Plotkin

A twitter hashtag is going on about four games that influenced you, and hey, I can post the images here too.

Missing moments in games: investigating key moments in _Everything_ and _El Shaddai_. (Way big spoilers.)

@tindall I don't see how federation changes anything. Mastodon is generally free at its current scale, but that's a bunch of ad-hoc servers run out-of-pocket by individuals. Nothing about that keeps working if the overall ecosystem grows to look like Twitter, where power-law superstars have millions of followers.

@Apoch Dunno, in my case the higher levels progress to "I am taking regular naps" and "I think I'll spend Wednesday at the Exploratorium".

My comment on Slack's recent announcement about their XMPP/IRC gateways. They are making a mistake.

Cyan announces Firmament, posts a trailer video. I don't know anything more than anybody else but I have a blog so I might as well speculate some.

@CarlMuckenhoupt I remember my first 5.25" floppy box. I also remember my first 5.25" floppy box that was not a repurposed shoebox.

@minitrope Quetzalcoatlus (a pterosaur) got off the ground at maybe 500 pounds! They don't necessarily need bat-wings, but they do need strong winged forelimbs that can double as walking limbs and push off the ground. (That's what birds lack.)

@bruno Some. Possibly not enough to make up for how it's awkwardly long to people who *don't* get it. Maybe just "Voyageur! Gold" ?

@bruno I get it. Do I do anything with it?

I am aware of the Asymmetric/CampoSanto party, the "Made In MA" party (since I live in MA), and "The Other Party". Latter two can be found at

Is there much of a GDC-going contingent here? I am casting around for stuff to do which is interesting on the indie/narrative front.

@johannesg I put "Zarfhome Software" on my account, but that is a real legal entity (an LLC) with a tax ID. I don't remember if they required documentation to set it up. Probably they did.

@taupelink This is quite different from the usual IF design mindset, where you are carefully crafting individual situations. I think it's a big jump for IF authors. A lot of people show up in the forums saying "I want to write a combat system in Inform!" but they're mostly just messing around with ideas. They're not really on the path to building a roguelike, and if they were, they probably wouldn't have started with Inform.

@taupelink A deeper problem is that roguelike design has cycles and cycles of iteration and balance adjustment. (At least these days, if you want to claim that you've gotten it to a playable state. There were plenty of haphazard ones in the old days!)

@taupelink But Kerkerkruip demonstrates that it's possible, of course. (It drops most of the map detail -- it's really a lot more Broughlike in scale.)

@taupelink Let me see... roguelikes and text games aren't actually a great match, overall. Roguelikes depend on throwing a lot of strategic information at you, usually in map form, and letting you make (short-term) plans with a lot of relevant detail. It's hard to cram that into text description.

@taupelink let me tell you how hard it is to duplicate success :/