@oreolek You mean in the Master-Index file? I'm not remotely worried about collisions, but adding a SHA-whatever's-current hash to the data is a reasonable request.

Musings on what kind of game _Extrasolar_ was. (Still is, but it's shutting down at the end of the month.) blog.zarfhome.com/2018/11/four

@caraellison No, there's an internal SFWA discussion group where works are proposed. But you may find SFWA members making "please recommend recent games to me" posts. Not sure how it's going to go.

Restless released in EctoComp: blog.zarfhome.com/2018/11/rest -- an Emily Short game built on SpiritAI's Character Engine. I built a bunch of the underlying engine logic for this style of menu-based game.

@ceejbot That's not the normal behavior... do you have an extension or third-party widget which modifies app or menu behavior? Those often rely on the accessibility API.

Recommendations? Basically I am a junkie for Carbon Based Lifeforms. Is that cool or does it make me a massive poser? I grew up on folk music, I have no idea.

There, I bought some stuff on bandcamp to support their "voting is important actually" fundraiser.

@yomikoma Oh, yay, let us know how it is. I couldn't fit it into my work week.

@christinelove I'd say "Ah, Mondays" but I remember that feeling from every day of the week that contains Y or a vowel

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