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Kicking off my annual reviews of IGF entries with the one that expanded to fill its own blog post: Tacoma.

Meanwhile update: I did a Linux build. I still am not able to test it, but one of my friends did, and it seems to work! Once we moved a .so file into a different directory. (I dunno, it worked.) So my Steam beta key offer is now expanded to Linux Steam users.

Repeating offer from over the holidays: if you want to do a little beta-testing on the Mac/Win version of my interactive comic app, ping me for a Steam beta key.

This snuffleupaginstance has been helpful in getting Meanwhile ready for launch, so it's key giveaway time! (Also because I need a bit more testing.) Yell at me here for a Steam beta key (Mac/Win). First 15 get 'em.

Got InControl integrated in one lazy afternoon, so that felt good. That was the last major todo item. I could polish a few corners but the Meanwhile app is launchable.

Thanks to everybody who answered my dependency questions.

Just my annual reminder that Windows is not an operating system designed for getting shit done.

Guess what, everybody, it was good old VCRUNTIME140.DLL. I checked the "Visual C++ 2015" checkbox in Steam and presto, everything's fine.

"DirectX June 2010" was not the answer. (Yes, I am randomly checking boxes in teh Steam "redistributables" pane now.)

I'm sure it's a missing dependency, but is there a way to figure out which one? Do I just change the min req to Windows 8 and hope?

Update: Unity app freezes on my ancient Win7 VM (running in Parallels) because libSkiaSharp.dll fails to load. Yay for reproduced bug, boo for what the hell am I supposed to do about it

TODO: Pick a religion to take holy orders from. Ask StackOverflow?

Status: Unity app works fine for me, completely locks up on Valve's test machine. (Windows only, it's fine on Mac.) Considering merits of setting my house on fire and taking holy orders.

Because I am a Python guy, my C# comes out looking like this:

SortedDictionary<string, List<string>> Items;
//... convert dict to string:
var ls = new List<KeyValuePair<string, List<string>>>(Items);
var itemstr = String.Join("; ", ls.ConvertAll(pair =>
return String.Format("{0}:{1}", pair.Key, String.Join(",", pair.Value.ToArray()));
return String.Format("{0} ({1})", title, itemstr);

Please tell me there is a better way.

I just need four-way joystick and a couple of buttons.

I realize I'm literally years behind the curve here, but what do people do to support arbitrary game controllers in Unity? (Mac/Win/Linux) Is one of these store plugins the one everyone uses?

I thought I had cleaned this code up in porting the iOS stuff over to Unity, but I just tried to extend the highlighting for one little case and I couldn't. So I guess it wasn't cleaned up enough.

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