My evening of learning didn't go quite as well as I hoped. I feel like I'm just too comfortable with Unity to get comfortable quickly. I would be more productive just going straight to a basic lib that gives me a framebuffer.

@neilogd Switched studios 2 years ago, and had to make the Unity to UE4 switch... it took me awhile.

If you're like me, Unity had been my primary engine for a long time, and it took awhile to stop assuming that things worked in Unreal the same way as they did in Unity.

@khalladay I've spent most of my career with in-house engines so far. Unity was always a "close enough" match to the way my hobby engine done things, so UE4 kinda breaks my familiarity.

@neilogd @khalladay UE4 is still very much rooted in design decisions from 20 years ago. Lots of technical debt and spiky edges. The surface area is huge, and the boundaries are unclear. It took a couple months to really get into it in a meaningful way. It makes a lot of assumptions about what you're making before you even start. The engine code has at least some amount of knowledge about Main Menus, characters and movement, etc. :(

@rlabrecque @neilogd yeah - I'm still surprised by how specific some parts of the engine are.

Or how completely impenetrable the Slate code is. Ugh.

@khalladay @neilogd @rlabrecque Did you guys go through the UE4 for Unity users guide that UE has somewhere in the documentation? If so, did it help at all?

@npatsiouras @rlabrecque @neilogd I think I skimmed it on day 1, it helped a little bit (mostly with terminology), but it really doesn't cover very much.

In terms of actually understanding what's going on, I found starting with one particular system (in my case, the renderer) helped, because it broke the engine into a more manageable chunk.

For awhile that was the only system I understood, but at least I had that knowledge to help me put other systems in context when looking @ them

@khalladay @neilogd @rlabrecque If you noticed a post by @KostasAAA lately about familiarizing your self in a new large codebase, it was the main point basically. Start with a feature, and narrow your focus, otherwise you end up with lots of unrelated info that's difficult to associate.


@npatsiouras @rlabrecque @neilogd @khalladay I think you are referring to @Icetigris great presentation? My approach is start at the bottom (lowest level API) where I can and work my way upwards.

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