I'm seeing a lot of takes on Kotaku about unions. Any thoughts, Mastodon indie devs? (I work in an indie studio that's not worker-owned, but mostly alumni, so most of these points do not apply.)

I've never been exploited by my bosses as an indie game dev. I'm underpaid, but so is everyone. I feel fairly credited and appreciated.

I was exploited when I did web development for live action events. And I was exploited when I worked in tech.

One was social capital; the other was financial capital. Both are real.

@cidney I've def worked on "professional" indie projects I'd not today. Profit share when there was never going to be profits to share so effectively working for free (revenue paid for freelance work, tools, repaying investors, & funding boss's networking).

I am pro-union, although I do not make money so I cannot pay dues.

I hear a lot of horror stories from developers (in-person and online), and I think unionizing would be humane and make games (overall) better.

E.g. Games would likely become more creative because 1) non-privileged people could work in games and 2) people who have more fundamental needs met can afford to be more creative.

@SciFiGameDev @cidney I was encouraged to see the French unionisation efforts be explicit that members are trusted to be fair in contributing dues (based on income & including a free tier).

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