So I enabled Forsaken's Vulkan renderer on the Mac (via MoltenVK) and my god, it's FAST. You can feel whatever you want about Apple abandoning OpenGL (I probably share your feelings) but moving to Metal or Vulkan on that platform is a massive win that's available to you right now. Even if your game _shouldn't_ benefit from Vulkan it might still be a big boost. Wild times, y'all.

@icculus So maybe we can still have one renderer to rule them all? It'll just need a third-party translation layer on Mac?

@hirnbrot Sometimes we have to tolerate the idea that we'll build different renderers for different platforms. Lots of devs are insulated from this by Unreal and Unity. But at least MoltenVK appears to be Pretty Good, possibly making ones Vulkan renderer sufficient without writing an additional Metal renderer.

I heard that Vulkan will prevent card specific driver bugs. I really don't know much about Vulkan. Do you think free drivers like nouveau will have less bugs with vulkan renderers than with opengl?

@nee Vulkan is lower-level and it doesn't have all the baggage OpenGL accumulated over 20 years, so in that sense, it could result in _simpler_ drivers with _less bugs_, but I wouldn't count on it eliminating all bugs outright.

@icculus I think more people need to be made aware that MoltenVK is now FOSS. I can't be the only one who looked at it and noped out of there as soon as I saw I'd have to license something else that could disappear.

I mean it's all theoretical these days anyway because I'm an Engine Only Boy now, but still. Marmalade still pisses me off.

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