❓ Anyone on Mac OS High Sierra recently upgraded to Mojave? I'm wondering if it breaks anything essential to your game dev/art workflow or pipeline?


@ciara IT BREAKS SO MUCH. If you're using OpenGL, there are obviously things broken (like vsync, or maybe a window that doesn't seem to render anything). Most things can be fixed (and most will continue to work if you build with Xcode 9 instead of 10), but expect things to break when you upgrade.

@icculus @ciara We still have to figure out everything that broke for @godotengine - for now we'll stick to Xcode 9 for official releases to contain the damage, but thankfully some users are building from source with Xcode 10 and reporting issues.

@akien @godotengine We solved a lot of this for SDL 2.0.9; hit me up if you want details!

@icculus @godotengine Thanks! So far we've pushed this SDL-inspired fix which seems to do the trick for the context updates issue: github.com/godotengine/godot/p

There are some other recent reports from Mojave users but I'm not fully sure which ones are actual Mojave-related regressions, and which are just normal bugs.

@icculus Ah, OK. I’ll wait on that then. Thanks so much for letting me know! And apologies for the late response, Mastodon wasn’t showing me replies, so I thought no one had answered.

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