I have absolutely no interest in #bitcoin or #cryptocurrency as a value store or tulip replacement.

Tell me something cool you're doing, or have seen someone doing, with #blockchain that isn't just buying and selling real currencies.



I'm interested in developing gaming applications for like trading games with virtual cards or other online assets. Also game logic agnostic infrastructure for distributed games. My goal is to lower barriers to entry for indie developers

@AceNovo Oh, a virtual deck-building game that uses blockchain to verify card ownership, that's a unique and interesting idea!

The implications of my infrastructure proposals are less obvious, but I promise they're on point.

Rule 1 in client server applications is Don't trust the client, so the server has to maintain the canonical copy of the game world in real time. Clients maintain their own copy, which must be revised when agents other than the user don't behave as predicted. If trust was possible, you could gut the processing requirements and network load on the server

This could obviously be abused to offload costs while maintaining control, which is why I want infrastructure that's agnostic to game logic, e.g. a tick server that distributes a signing key with a short expiry and appends the ledger of connected agents activity each game tick. The server doesn't know anything about the validity of the orders, but the transparency of the ledger can be relied on to expose bad actors

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