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Aras Pranckevičius

"Number One / Another One" by Fairlight & CNCD from Assembly 2018 just blew my mind. Absolute masterpiece.

RenderDoc v1.1 is now out! This release focusses on improved API and OS support, as well as a boatload of bug fixes.

Disney has released full data set of Motunui island from Moana movie:

Matt Pharr has an excellent blog series on making pbrt better at rendering it.

Retrospective of a year writing C code again (for those not also on twitter):

Me: Why is the rain pink in this area?

N: I just assumed it was a shader error.

Pathtracer part 14: I made it run on iOS, both CPU & GPU parts. Some info on Xcode GPU performance tools, and a tiny bit of NEON code.

(definitely not daily :)) Pathtracer part 13: nice GPU thread group data optimization suggested by @gfxbean, and a quick realization that Metal IR is just LLVM IR.

Ugh, so this Mastodon instance seems to be getting ~30 "fake" new users every day, and some of those end up posting spam. Are they trying to do a DoS attack on me, or what.

Really wish for some less-clicks user suspension / spam clearing tools in Mastodon right now :|

Woke up this morning to ~50 spam moderation reports on this Mastodon. Some influx of spam bots. Thx for reports everyone!

Daily Pathtracer part 12: buffer-oriented approach on the GPU. I produced some accidental garbage renderings, and learned some nsights.

Daily Pathtracer part 11: let's try a "buffer oriented" approach (is that what "wavefront" or "stream" tracing is? I don't know!)

Next up: maybe try the same on a GPU

Daily Pathtracer part 10: small update to have all implementations on the same page again; and a note on Mono C# performance tweaks.

Next up: let's do a stream/buffers oriented path tracer setup! (why? I don't know)

Daily Pathtracer part 9: a wild ryg appears and optimizes my code!

Next up: put these optimizations into C#, C#/Burst, GPU implementations.

I blogged about compilation time – compiling with -std=c++98 is (sometimes) much faster than -std=c++11

Daily Pathtracer part 8, where I'm learning more SIMD, and add more spheres to the test scene.

Daily Pathtracer is back! Part 7, where I'm learning about SIMD.

Next up: more SIMD.