But what could that other game even beee? hmmm

life in the creative blockk

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So I'm not sure about this game I'm working on anymore. I still want to make it for the long term, but I'm wondering if I'd do better making a shorter term project.

Ideally, this shorter term project would also involve the Kyzt because I love those creatures...

I've been experimenting with SDL2 and Rust! So far I've gotten further than I got with SDL2 and C++ ^^

Send your friends to summer camp. You know, as a prank. Without their awareness or consent. It'll be fun!

I feel like explicit error handling using a lot of match statements is a bit more straightforward for a beginner like me than using .unwrap() all the time.

I'm enjoying it, anyway :D

I changed the default text editor environment in Godot... it looks all comfy now and fits with my game's colour palette :D

(though possibly ugly to anyone else...)

Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene is a VERY good book for anyone interested in Biology! Don't be put off by the name, it's actually quite up-lifting towards the end in favour of the idea that altruism is both possible and worthwhile...

On one hand, I want to get some work done. On the other hand, I'm tired and sleep deprived. :c

Good to see that Twitter realizes that facilitating the breaking down of society is not a viable business model!

A WIP menu prototype in Aseprite, not yet implemented, I'll have a nicer background and perhaps some little animations on the letters once it's in Godot.

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I'll leave the Psychic Interface until I've finished the Colony, and I'll leave the Colony until I've finished the map.

So I guess today is dedicated to the Main Menu and the Wildlands!

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Anyway, I've got several scenes I need to lay out at the moment:

- Main Menu
- 'The Wildlands' (think of a zoomed out overhead map view like in Mount+Blade or something)
- Colony (this needs to be varied, since i'll re-use the same scene for each level, ideally just passing some data and having it auto-generate)
- Psychic Interface (i just need to spawn this in and have it overlay the screen, and set some flags in the Colony screen it was spawned from)

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However, I changed the design of the psychic view since then. Whereas before it was going to be an essential part of taking back a colony, this time it's only relevant if the player character dies and has to re-inhabit another entity's body.

I'm not complaining since HOPEFULLY this will mean I can just temporarily duplicate the data rather than making it hyper-genericized to begin with, but I pray I don't run into issues with that too...

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Basically in Prototype #1 I was working with a slightly different gameplay design, and only got as far as one type of Kyztling(purple blobs as featured in my profile pic), and only one type of enemy.

I implemented them in kind of a weird way, namely by creating a "Data" object that holds the position that the 'real' object just copies from. This was useful for the 'psychic view', which is kinda like leaving a Kyztling's body to float around before re-inhabiting one

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Today I'm going to be working on a 2nd prototype for that game I've been planning!

I've got a vague idea of the structure already, I just need to actually implement it. Honestly, I was supposed to do that yesterday...

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