Some friends and I log interesting rendering resources on a github page if ever anyone wants to contribute/check it out! It's pretty new so it's missing a ton of our older links, but it should grow fairly quickly!

Maybe someone here knows:
I'm getting this crazy pattern in my vulkan app but I can't figure out what the issue is. Anyone have a guess? (Gtx 1060) I get this from submitting a command buffer that just clears the screen to red.

@noct Welcome to the gamedev instance! It's grown a bit since I joined but the people are really nice! ^.^

Ever since I did more Shadertoy stuff I've been meaning to get into the demoscene. Any suggestions on where to start?

How do you maintain the quality of your commits to a high standard?

I'm having a rough time after submitting a less than great commit and dealing with the fallout.

Things I could have improved on that I thought of:
- Break up the commit into smaller chuncks.
- Define clear use cases and create appropriate test to assure that it works
- Don't commit with new asserts, no matter how benign. They're there for a reason and might be hiding a smaller issue
- Improve code test coverage

Recently had our first tech meetup in Ottawa and it went really well! I'm excited for next month! Also, big thanks to those who gave me advice on coordinating an event!

If youd like to keep up, we did a series of micro talks and the slides are available here:

Made this game in KodeLife and ported it to Shadertoy for IndieTrainJam 2018! It was a ton of fun to make! Check it out here:

I have spent a very long time chipping away at a new programming language called Epoch.

I always half expected the language to ship its first killer app in the form of a game, so maybe this fits here, maybe not.

Ever since I entered the industry I've been having a hell of a time and I want to give back! So I've been meaning to start a monthly tech meetup in my city to help students, professionals and hobbyists present their expertise in monthly micro talks. Does anyone have any experience with something similar that they could share? I think it would be great to expand my city's tech knowledge sphere ^.^

Some of my friends just released a trailer for their upcoming game! It looks really good! Same guys who made Starwhal, definitely reccomend checking it out!

Modified my home renderer from glBufferData to persistent data and saw the data transfer go from 40ms to 3ms for 1 million instances! (Admittedly, I have to wait 30ms in order to wait for the transfer to complete at the next iteration. But if I did more than just rendering, my throughput would be great!)

Really pleased with AZDO OpenGL, might give me the incentive to learn Vulkan.

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