header reader almost done! \o/
now I'll start writing the binding generator

oh, when is night, the light theme is too much bright! >.<

So, I made this script:
when I open the code editor:

if is day then
select a light theme
select a dark theme


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#procedural swimming with tentacles, motion is achieved by arms pushing against the surrounding water

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jobtalle/status/12

Reminder: the Decade Jam has started. I’m not sure 10 years will be enough for me to finish a game but I’m in. itch.io/jam/decadejam

[...] The episode Representatividade Feminina (female representation) portrays the current situation of the developers of Recife games - how was the trajectory of each of them to get where they are, talking about their work experiences, difficulties, victories and struggles. Through this episode you can also see the growth of the scene - by the people involved."

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Documentary with available english subtitles:


"The purpose of this documentary series on the gaming scene in Recife* is to demonstrate the invisible barriers that exist in the relationship between people present and absent from the gaming community through the audiovisual. [...]

*(capital of the state of Pernambuco, in the in northeast region of Brazil)

I started hearing these days the podcast Export Report, I really liked, is about "playing and making video games in Brazil, bringing a different point of view and cultural baggage to the international conversation about games", five episodes were released:


(it is also in iTunes)

Is OOP making your programs less performant and harder to reason about and maintain?


This is one of the best demonstrations of how to setup an ECS that I have seen.

It also does a great job of showing why I believe adoption of is important for . This quote from early in the presentation describes it perfectly.

"Rust makes certain (bad) patterns more painful than others, which is a good thing!"


Playing around with some Lua "meta-programming" to output GLSL 1.20 on the fly.

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