WIP: Entity generator for Irene

Receives an json input file, outputs a code file.

(The json "schema" will change later, I'll try some ideias inspired by gltf)

Hopefully this will make tool making easier later.

Hi, is there "framework/engine-agnostic" editors being developed? Like, something like the Unity editor that could be used with any framework like love2d for example.

Workbench 42 is out, enjoy Blueprint and Vala support. 🎉 #GTK #GNOME

hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
I'm opening extra commission slots this month.
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable.
maruki [@] lostalloy.com 💌
RToots appreciated 💜
#pixelart #ドット絵

Trying o3de engine now following the pong tutorial, a bit heavy for my poor 8gb RAM machine, however, I'm quite liking the workflow until now.

I only had two problems actually: one it's installing the VS stuff which microsoft really likes to make it a very painful experience (thus, not o3de related really)

The second it's by creating the project, it really takes 100% of my computer, at the point freezing it, surprisenly though, the actual editor it's not that heavy.

Heyo fedi! I‘m lampy, an appreciator of cozy pixel art n things. Making games too, sometimes. Most of the stuff I do nowadays is pixely #lowpoly pieces. #introductions #artistsofftwitter

Implemented a Pixel Art Camera entity to Irene.

Not only it makes pixel-perfect easier for pixel art games, but I also added the flexibility to add split screen!

I'm so glad with this result, it was my first try making split-screen.

Rewritting the irene's lunar lander, and ugh, the code seems so bad today, I'm glad I'm just removing it and replacing with a muvh more sane code.

What I was thinking when I made that??

After writing and rewriting my ecs library "Rotor", it's now improved and much easier/simpler to run hierarchy systems.

The example "entity_tree" showcases it with an unrealistic solar system (just a Sun -> Earth -> Moon tree).

I thought it would be simple, but turns out that a entire workaround was needed in order to do it with the limitations, so I really needed to improve the library for that.

Fortunately, Rotor it's still pretty simple and the abstractions only have compile-time costs :3


I'm working on an introductory #book about #decentralisation protocols. 🦄

It serves as a taster for different technologies, and provides you with a path forward to deepen your studies if you're so inclined.

I'll cover #ActivityPub, #Hyper, #IPFS, and #SSB. Each chapter is a brief intro and a hands-on project using #JavaScript.

The book will be CC licensed. If that sounded interesting, add yourself to the interested readers list at:


I have/had a List on Twitter called "PL people" followed by bunch of people, it would be handy to have something like this here too! Are you involved with programming languages/compilers either in academia or the industry? Reply here so it can be easier for us to find each other!

Hi! I'm Bergo, and I like to make pictures out of tiny squares and try my hand at digital art. Hoping to focus more on landscapes in the future!
#PixelArt #introduction #MastoArt

Starting migrating my "private/internal" engine to Irene (my open source engine).

In other words, it's a rewrite from scratch, but it's a bit sad discarding the old code, so, I think I'll try to also use the old (and not reimplemented) features.

Welcome to the Fediverse!

I have only one tip for you - check if your instance owner has a tip jar or patreon or something. If you can afford it, give them a few bucks as a thank you for dealing with all of our general tomfoolery.


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