Got to take JetBrains Space for a spin. Promising so far.

Early days for sure - particularly on the configuration documentation front, but got it running via a podman install on NixOS, mirroring a gitea repository.

Not quite interfacing with our existing JetBrains Hub install yet. Very much looking forward to the availability of the YouTrack and TeamCity integrations.

Looks to generally carry through the YouTrack design of flexible data design, but with another UX step-up.

Hypervisor workstation horrors:

Today I learned why recently my primary workstation VM would just die on me from time to time:

Had forgotten to actively set up swap for the hypervisor and had recently increased overall system memory pressure. So whenever I hit the memory ceiling, the memory manager would kill the hungriest process - easily the qemu process for my main workstation VM.

What fun!

- will ignore the -executeMethod flag when the -runEditorTests flag is also passed.

- The runner will always pass the -quit flag to Unity when configured for -executeMethod, so good luck programmatically running your tests that way.

- The test runner _does_ wait for completion of other domain load invokes, including invoked script reloads, before responding to -executeMethod.

So: If you want to parameterise a TC Unity test run, use custom CLI parameters.

TIL: Unlike other targets (including the editor mono JIT), IL2CPP very much does not like it when you keep things in the stack for later.



Handling of the unfortunate case is _not_ very graceful: Nonsensical generated C++. Thankfully it at least doesn’t compile.

Second stab at family photo storage:

Piwigo is very promising so far. Fast to set up and get going, plugins very quickly sorted initial bits of missing functionality. Auto-upload from phone just goes full speed right out of the gate.

Will run this in parallel with the fruit company service for a while, evaluating as we go.

Fruit company mass surveillance program was just the reminder I needed to kick up the priority of configuring a home Nextcloud instance.

Vacation definitely over. Feet noticed that morning walks are back and yesterday started with work mail broken. Wohoo!

On the upside I am now back with a non-broken mouse (click means click) and once some paperwork juggling is done I get to the "fun" task of juggling .net/mono runtimes, figuring out the probably fascinating reasons why our patcher crashes when run with the Unity-shipped mono binaries.

Future-me who gets to reap the benefits better be appreciative.

Finally purged my Twitter. It seems like the CDN is still slowly updating, but it's a pretty nice feeling.

Giving Mastodon another go to see if this is just a service-specific thing.

🚀 We're happy to be the first #VPN provider to #opensource apps on all platforms and undergo an independent security audit. Transparency, ethics, and #security are at the core of the Internet we want to build.

And now for something completely different:

An "our terms of service have been updated" email which I found enjoyable reading :)

for companies: It is possible to communicate without using barely-softened legalese.

Having some trouble remapping shortcuts via xbindkeys under Ubuntu 18.04.

Works wonderfully for mouse buttons, but this config has no effect:

"/usr/bin/xte 'keydown Alt_L' 'key F4' 'keyup Alt_L' &"

Any advice on a fix or alternative is most welcome.

Keyboard update:
- Active keys are now reduced to only the lit ones and the thumb clusters.
- Really enjoying only having sideways stretch for index fingers hitting inner-column alpha keys.
- Different caps in the clusters for better touch-typing.

Look! Here is a thing we are making. Come help us make more of it!

Complete contract, full hiring flow details, private q&a:

Finally into official preview:

It's been a long road since

Big ♥️ to our very own @mdiluz , who has done a ton of extremely necessary, even though not always extremely glamorous, work toward making this a reality.

Maintaining engine assembly patches when doing large version skips is always an interesting bag of unexpected and undefined.

Leaving it to stew for a while, returning in a couple of days ;)

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