Also P.S.: Vulkan debug layers will catch all error you may be tempted to watch for OOPing Vulkan. Probably better that you whould.

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I started my Vulkan tests with a tiny micro bit of OOP to help me out on some things.

I'll need to remove all of that because is getting in my way GREEEEEEAT time.

Don't OOP. It seems it helps, it doesn't.

Hey, I need some help over here.

I can't find any tutorial on how to start a project for WASM.

Somethink like "hey, here are the steps to have a simple thing on the web", but explaining the steps so I can tune them.

I know C++, I have a gasp of web tech but not much.

Update: after a few fixes, the allocator seems to not be crashing on a trivial load.

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1- wake up
2- learn vulkan. start making an allocator (don't ask)
4- come back home, finish allocator
5- don't test it. Push it.

I want something like this:

template<typename... Arg> EnumFlagList(EnumFlag enumFlag, Arg... others)

but all args being EnumFlags

It gets there, through recursion.

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Is it possible that C++ doesn't allow you to easily make a variant template with all the optional values the same type?

I king of got it at the end, but the language itself doesn't lean to that.

Hi anyone, just started that Mastodontic thing. Thanks @aras for setting up this place :D

I've been at BlitWorks for I don't know 5 years or something doing mobile and now game porting. I do a lot of jams and side projects and I have a "nice" website: (or

I'm doing things and I'll keep doing those, I hope...

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