WhOOpS It's 5:30 am and I just decided it was a good idea to buy NieR Atomata. Oh well guess I have to play that at some point...

Can't sleep so I'm going to have coffee, play No Man's Sky and listen to podcasts instead.

5:30 am and I am still awake for like no reason! Thanks brain this is perfect.

Last year, I got Unreal Tournament '99 and Unrealty running in web browsers. I would love to see more Unreal Engine 1 games on the web. Do you work for a company that owns a UE1 title? Hit me up.

UT99: icculus.org/ut99-emscripten/

Unrealty: unrealty.net/

Technical details on all this: unrealty.net/icculus-emscripte

Is it just me or does Spotify do some actual really good discoverability/ algorithm stuff? I mean obviously it's a really flawed service in terms of paying people and other stuff but like it consistently throws new artists I actually like at me, a lot of them don't even have that big of an audience either.

It's not like Youtube where it's what everyone likes but roughly tuned to your interests that's suggested, and the most important value on a video being recommended seems to be popularity.

Sorry I should have probably CW'd that last toot. Will do better in future <3

Thinking about how when I was a kid I told someone I wished I was a girl and got told that I really didn't. I then proceeded hide that thought deep down and go into my teenage years afraid to be myself in any little way for fear that all the straight cis people around me would think I was weird.

I should really not have listened to that person all those years back.

Donut County spoilers. 

Donut County is amazing and I think they did a wonderful job of storytelling and pacing it.

I think it didn't really feel like you were ruining a whole county more like you were ruining a small town or something. More scenes could have ended like the cat soup one where you swallow big buildings.

Still they made me hate that I was enjoying the gameplay by the end of the destruction and the ending sequence was fun. Glad they ended the hole gameplay on a more positive note

Feels cool convincing myself I can actually write shaders!

P much decided to just never look at anything "Cyberpuk 2077" related ever again.

I got into the sea yesterday and now my hair's faded to a weird blue :/

gender dysphoria 

it's cute being involved in both card game stuff and trans stuff cos people talk about getting new binders and I'm like "COOL!" cos either type are rad as heck

Love to be an idiot and forget to put my hand out for the bus :)))))))))))))

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