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Shawn White

Didn't get a chance to work yesterday due to Xmas shopping. so making up for it today.

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Mornings! So this instance has been running for 3 weeks, reached almost 2000 people, and seems to be holding up nicely! Thanks everyone!

I wrote a "marketing" blogpost that I'm gonna spam everyone with now,

Oh nice, Mastodon supports 2FA.

Enable it everyone!

Mastodon is great, but if you're looking for a more immediate form of communication about development. You should come hangout with us on the Unity Community Slack instance:

Lots of helpful people to answer questions or to just chat.

I usually lurk in the -scripting channel.

Nothing like coding with a hot mug of gløgg.

Recommendations for Mastodon Android app?

Ugh, the number of pending emails and slack messages after coming back from a week holiday is crazy.

So I'll spend my time replying to people here instead.

Well, since I'm here. If anyone wants to talk/complain/ask about the Unity Editor. I'm happy to chat!