Well, after much blood sweat and tears I managed to get SteamVR in Ubuntu working well enough to test Flotilla 2 via Proton.

It didn't work.

Thus ends this year's Linux test.

Doing my annual 'messing around with Linux on Thanksgiving Weekend.'

SteamOS: Managed to get it working, mostly. Unfortunately SteamVR doesn't work with SteamOS. C'mon, Valve! WTF?

Making a new Ubuntu installer drive and taking FOREVER because there are bad sectors on the thumbdrive I'm using.

I used to work with a guy who would joke that I was secretly the best engineer in the company and I was just pretending to be QA because I thought it was more fun to just tell people their stuff was broken.

Now that I'm a tech designer/gameplay engineer, every time I have to dig into the C++ code I think maybe he was right? 'Cuz there are some WEIRD decisions been made by more senior engineers than I.

TIL that you CAN bake displacement in Blender 2.8 with Cycles. The process is just less straightforward than it was with Blender Internal on older versions of Blender.

I will probably use this knowledge eventually.

Noita is a very satisfying and incredibly hard game.

Nothing quite like kicking a big rock off a ledge and then going down a minute later and finding a whole bunch of blood and gold.

Oh man, the punchline of Untitled Goose Game is SO FUCKING GOOD. Absolutely perfect comedy game design.

So that whole French Court Says Steam Has To Allow Reselling thing?

Some ideas that Steam could do that would garner them some much needed positive press:

1. 25% transaction fee on resales, with 100% of that fee going to devs.
2. 'Used' games don't get to unlock trading cards.
2 (alternate A). 'Used' games unlock 'worn' trading cards that can't be sold.
2 (alternate B). Selling a game takes away your unlocked cards/the value of any cards the seller sold deducted from the listable price.

Well, that's annoying. It seems that T-mobile is blocking or throttling the ports that Steam Link needs to work over a mobile network.

When Play Anywhere first rolled out in Beta I got a better connection in my apartment over 4G than I did over wi-fi.

Now I'm lucky if it even connects, and when it does the video stream basically doesn't work.

Ugh. Windows is doing the thing where it resets itself and then fails an error check when it restarts if I turn off the monitor again.

Event Viewer just shows a 'Kernel Power' event. Not super useful.

I never actually got around to playing HW2: Remastered because I always felt HW1 was the better game, and the initial release of Remastered was a bit of a mess.

Fired it up for the first time tonight with the 2.3 fan patch and it's hilarious how ill-equipped the AI is to deal with the HW1 formations and tactics that came with the 2.0 update. I just absolutely annihilated the Vaygr in Mission 2 and had to wait >5 minutes doing nothing waiting for the ships to dock.

Finally dipping back into Void Bastards after a couple months of not much gaming.

Having changed the difficulty settings but I'm finding it a fair bit less frustrating this go 'round. Maybe I'm just in a better headspace for it now.

Really love the art and sound design. Getting a big chain of exploding Tourists is one of the most satisfying things.

So it turns out saying 'when are you guys gonna pay me more' half jokingly to your bosses all the time actually works?

I'm getting a huge one-time bonus this month and a big pay raise starting next year.

Uninstalling the last major Windows Update APPEARS to have corrected this.

In one of the more amazingly fucked Windows 10 things: Windows has decided that if I turn off my monitor while a program is full screen, this means I wanted to reboot my computer and also restore my registry to a previous version (Steam keeps forgetting I'm already logged in when this happens).

Have gotten it into my head to use some of the Juve lines from Void Bastards as placeholder audio for the project I'm working on.

It would be wildly inappropriate.

But also super-hilarious.

Really tempted to pick up Plunkbat because I want a new multiplayer shooty game and the arcadey elements of Apex Legends and Fortnite don't really do it for me.

Not sure if I like Tetris Effect more in VR or on flatscreen with HDR.

Being surrounded by everything in VR is really cool, but HDR is just SO bright and vivid.

A LITTLE worried about how Brad Wardell is being much more vocal about this on twitter than P&F are. But the blog post also makes a clear delineation between Star Control (R) and Ur-Quan Masters (TM), and that 'Star Control is a registered trademark of Stardock Systems, Inc' but nothing like that for UQM, so I'm hoping that the settlement is closer to P&F's offer from a while back than it is to Brad's. Maybe we'll find out tomorrow?

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