It has reached the 'too hot in my apartment to even attempt to continue working' part of the day.

The HMD of my dreams will have hi-res full RGB sub-pixel OLED panels, but that'll take a brand new display manufacturer to enter the scene.

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Finally got an Index. Did a quick A/B comparison in Elite: Dangerous between my first gen Vive and the Index, and while I was initially a little disappointed in the reduced vibrancy and lighter blacks of the Index's LCD over the Vive's OLED, within about 10 minutes I didn't care because everything else was SO much clearer.

Whelp, Windows reinstall didn't do it. Happened again while I was installing Steam and other stuff after reinstalling Windows.

Looks like my RAM might be overheating? Turned off XMP and it seems much more stable now. Was able to open an Unreal project and compile 4000+ shaders without crashing.

Still ordered some new RAM, though.

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Turns out this wasn't a GPU crash, I don't think. Was an unhandled system thread exception that has gotten progressively worse over the past few hours, to the point where it was kicking in a minute after rebooting.

Doing a full Windows reinstall now.

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This same project has been working fine ever since quarantine started.

The only thing I can think of that has changed is that I updated Visual Studio.

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Doesn't seem to be heat related, as I've run a couple test renders in Blender that put the CPU and GPU at 100% continuously for ~20 minutes and no stability issues occurred.

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Anyone ever run into issues with GPU crashes while either the Visual Studio compiler is running or Unreal Shader Compiler is running? This just started happening to me on a project a couple days ago.

Have spent basically all day today trying to remember a robot, pretty sure it was a practical effect from an 80s or 90s sci-fi movie, and then finally remembered that it was the medium security walker from the original Deus Ex.

So that's how good my brain is holding up in quarantine.

Half-Life Alyx is real good. Even playing on an OG Vive with the wands.

Debating whether to pull the trigger on a Valve Index or just use the office Steam account to play Alyx on my vive at home, or just buy Alyx for myself.

Best part of working from home is how it takes six hours to synchronize from P4 so I can't actually do any work..

Really don't like having to tell an engineer that they've spent over a week reinventing the wheel with the result that their wheel is not circular. And that they really should've stopped what they were doing when they also had to come up with a system to try and cover up where it wasn't rolling properly.

Man, AMD. I don't know what happened, but your drivers for the 5700 series are an absolute dumpster fire. I have NEVER had the kinds of problems I've been having with this card on an AMD product before.

New video card bought and installed. Things seem mostly better. Had one instance of display fritzing after powering back up after putting the tower back upright but that SEEMS to have been a one-off. Does raise a possibility that the problem might be more in the motherboard, though.

Also looks like none of the Radeon 5700 makers have deviated from the reference 1 HDMI/3 DP output layout. I kind of need at least 2 hdmis.

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This sucks. The HDMI controller on my video card seems to be dead/dying. Can't drive more than one display through it. As soon as I plug in a second monitor the first one starts fritzing out.

One of the things I've learned now that I'm an actual tevh designer/gameplay engineer: everything you think is a dumb hack when you do it? That's what the game is shipping with.

Games are ENTIRELY dumb hacks.

Well, after much blood sweat and tears I managed to get SteamVR in Ubuntu working well enough to test Flotilla 2 via Proton.

It didn't work.

Thus ends this year's Linux test.

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Doing my annual 'messing around with Linux on Thanksgiving Weekend.'

SteamOS: Managed to get it working, mostly. Unfortunately SteamVR doesn't work with SteamOS. C'mon, Valve! WTF?

Making a new Ubuntu installer drive and taking FOREVER because there are bad sectors on the thumbdrive I'm using.

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