Current rabbit hole... ploughing through some calculus stuff because modern rendering seems all about PBR lighting... and that means maths.

Excellent TaeKwonDo session this morning. A lot of new black belts to play with. The perfect way to kickstart the weekend... see what I did there...

Mastodon . I'm a veteran UK based gamedev. Started coding in '81, first gamedev job as coder at Psygnosis in '93 working on MegaCD. Currently tech lead at Lucid in Liverpool. Still full time gamedev, hobbyist electronics, retro 8bit stuff, Taekwondo BB & flightsim nerd. Read a lot of books, an old geek.

A lot of the design decision behind UE are creeping in to my personal work... as they're really good ideas. Although my versions are lighter and simpler.

And then you look at the build status page and it's green lights all the way down... 8)

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That thing where you're tagged 9+ times in the build status channel... urgh...

Valve's Proton thing for playing Windows games on Linux is very impressive...

So I’m currently learning some Rust... specifically with relation to using it for gamedev. Any suggestions/gotchas/interesting stuff people want to share ?

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