Trying to play to the algorithm also doesn't work, it seems. But I guess I'll keep going anyway. I have to assume that somehow, against all odds, people just aren't seeing my tweets. Because the alternative - that they see them and choose to completely ignore them - is depressing to the point of madness.

Hey all, quick reminder for whoever's around - today, at 6PM CEST / 12 PM EDT / 9 AM PDT, I will be streaming myself composing an original piece of music in Dorico, inspired by Elden Ring - I'll be tackling what I think "Miquella, the Unalloyed" could sound like. Streams happen on my YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to right here: / Ring the bell for notifications on when I go live and upload stuff! Hope to see you this evening.

At a huge store today out of necessity. Hundreds upon hundreds of people. Me and life partner are the only ones in this entire store wearing masks.

Rest in peace, Vangelis. You were an amazing composer, and you certainly influenced me, among many others.

If people are having problems pronouncing Mads Mikkelsen's name their minds would explode if they ever found out how it's actually pronounced

*vague sad honk about how I'm so incredibly unknown that I feel like I will fade away into complete obscurity no matter what I do*

I have sunk hundreds of hours into Elden Ring at this point across multiple characters, and I am /still/ finding new stuff.

I have got to stop tweeting important stuff in the morning my time and then immediately have an existential crisis over why no one likes it, meanwhile all my US friends are literally asleep

Trying to get anyone to watch my streams is exhausting, frustrating, and depressing. Seeing others be terrible at games for five hours and pulling in millions of views is extremely tiring. But I've done this thing two weeks in a row now, and I'll keep doing it. Maybe one day I will have an audience. Maybe.

Doing some quick-and-dirty remastering of my own music (very fast corrective EQ -> master limiter -> re-add EQ -> possibly slight saturation -> very very slight reverb for warmth/depth) so my viewers' ears won't bleed and WOW, did 2013 me have no idea what he was doing

Well, that was a terrible couple of hours, but it's slowly getting better now.

Well, they found nothing wrong in the gastroscopy, but... I had a burger yesterday to celebrate my new cover release, and here I am at 4:40 AM in agony, feeling sick and experiencing pain in my chest and stomach. I guess eating normally really is out of the question for me going forward.

So, this Sunday (Starting around 6-7 PM CET, still ironing out exact time, will let you know) I'll be arranging Megalith - Agnus Dei from Ace Combat 4 for orchestra in Dorico. NEXT Sunday, however... I think it'll be an original composition. Inspired by Elden Ring. Stay tuned.

Very cool of Windows to suddenly bump me down to the "balanced" power plan after an update with no prompt, causing my SSD drive to load all my instruments way slower. Very cool that I had to troubleshoot for an hour to find that. VERY COOL, MICROSOFT. THANK YOU. THAT WAS NOT EVE-

New VGM cover up on my YouTube channel - Sailing (Another World) from Chrono Cross. Check it out, and please share it around it you like it!




Turns out GameMaker now logs you out automatically each time you close it, forcing you to log in again every time you open it. Head to Preferences and untick this silly checkbox to make that go away:

Disco Elysium is a fantastic game and everyone should play it.

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